Make a difference by making SAFETY #1.

Our Mission

Plus 3ft

Our mission is to eliminate fatalities and injuries between cyclists and motorists. Cyclistplus3ft seeks to drive public awareness and educate the public – especially motorists and cyclists – about the changing nature of commuting, road design, and overall traffic safety.

In 1973 a law requiring a safe passing zone was enacted in Wisconsin. Since then, 27 states enacted a 3 feet passing zone and an additional 13 states have some sort of buffer zone required for motorist to give to cyclists. Society constantly recycles ideas. By this I mean that bikes came before cars, cars grew exponentially and now cycling is becoming more popular than ever and vastly growing.


Live a safe life for you and others.

As a motorist:

  • You allow cyclist a safe zone; whether it be while you pass at an intersection, in a parking lot or even while opening your door while on the road side.
  • You’re not running red lights or blowing through stop signs.
  • You’re not texting while driving.
  • You’re not holding your cell phone while talking and driving.
  • You’re not driving under the influence.
  • You value another wellbeing.
  • You know common hand signals:

As cyclists:

  • You are not running red lights or blowing through stop signs.
  • You ride with traffic.
  • You scan while you ride.
  • You protect your head by wearing a helmet.
  • You are not riding three or four abreast when the space does not allow it.
  • You're not cycling with headphones in both ears, or at least not on the ear side with passing traffic.
  • At night you use a head and tail light.
  • You wear bright and/or reflective gear whenever possible.
  • Knowing your right-of-way and fighting for your right-of-way are two different things. Stay safe to ride another day. Remember, an injured or even dead cyclist is not worth being right.

Please help us during this journey while "we" spread the news about road rules and bike safety through Cyclistplus3ft. Like us on Facebook and share with your friends, family, co-workers, classmates and anyone else that you know who is a motorist or cyclist to do the same.

A friends mother was killed while cycling early morning by a drunk driver and her husband was cycling just ahead of her; my nephew was hit by a car while going through a cross walk; my brother-in-law was struck by a car that was pulling out of a parking lot; a co-worker was struck by a driver at an intersection; a dear friend was recently injured by a motorist who was making an illegal left turn; my wife had her life threatened by a motorist who was just too darn anxious to wait for her and our kids to finish crossing the road in our own neighborhood crosswalk. I’ve seen many disturbing instances during my rides on the road, but this one hit too close to home. The list could go on and on, but enough is enough. To start Cyclistplus3ft after of a loved one has been killed while cycling would be too late so I am acting now in hopes that many give credence to.